Wednesday, 31 December 2008

Secret Santa!

YES, it's that time of year again when families and friend exchange presents - and shops exchange some of those same gifts for things people actually want!
But I have to say, I wasn't expecting much when it came to Secret Santa time at my work. We all stood round, with various sensible (chocolates, smellies) and not so sensible (a lung-shaped ash tray!) presents were unveiled.
Then it was my turn.
I opened the DVD-shaped package to discover - a copy of Conan on the PS3!
Now, bearing in mind that the budget was just £5, I thought my gift-bearer had done incredibly well.
And, despite some of the reviews, I have been having great fun slashing and splicing baddies in this retro title.
A nice surprise!

Friday, 12 December 2008

We can finally go Home!

SO, Home has finally arrived for all of us to have a go.
Only had a quick look at it so far, but the graphics are certainly impressive, and the environments - albeit limited at the moment - do look cool. But we all have to remember that this is still at beta stage, so things can and will change - and its time now to make your voices heard.
If you can think of improvements, spot glitches, praise certain points, then let Sony know via the official forums.
That's the only way you will get the Home experience you really want.
My first issue is the queuing - what's that all about? It's too much like real life, not Second Life!
Have you got any issues or comments about Home? Let me know...

Monday, 8 December 2008

Xmas comes early!

ANYONE else noticed that all the new games and big launches, like Resistance 2, have all come early this year?
Whether it's because all games are more expensive, or companies know people are cash-strapped, the release of games has come much earlier than normal this year.
I guess at least it gives us more time to pick and choose what we want to buy.