Monday, 18 May 2009

E3 2009 predictions

WITH E3 2009 just around the corner, there is plenty of talk about what Sony has in store for us lucky PS3 owners.
E3 is building up to be one of the best in years, and the rumour-mongers have plenty of suggestions as to what's on the way. They include:
*White and Silver PS3 colors announced for North America - so, what's gonna come to Europe then?
*PS3 gets a motion controller - expected to be revealed with a motion detection camer and controllers. Got a lot to do to take the Wii's crown.
*Shadow of the Colossus 2 - could be a massive game!
*Playable version of God of War 3 - fantastic.
*PS3 Price Cut - Long overdue, we need a cut, even a modest one, to keep hardware sales moving.
*Playable version of Heavy Rain - still not sure about this one, but hopefully it will emerge as a contender.
Hmmm, let's hope we're not disappointed....

Wednesday, 13 May 2009

Call of Duty 6 trailer is here!

FOR all you Call of Duty fans, here is the latest trailer for the forthcoming release in this great first-person series. Enjoy!

Saturday, 9 May 2009

Be a pinball wizard on the PS3

THIS is the trailer to Zen Pinball, which is on its way to the PlayStation Network next week.
It looks the dogs, so let's hope it plays as good as it looks.

Wednesday, 6 May 2009

Vidzone music vids coming to PS3

SONY Computer Entertainment Australia announced a new service coming exclusively to the PlayStation 3 - Vidzone.
The new service is an optional download that places a new icon on the cross-media bar (XMB), allowing access to a massive number of music videos on demand.
VidZone will also be bringing live concert videos, as well as behind the scenes, interviews and making of footage, to your TV when it launches on PS3.
The service itself, which is listed under 'music' on the XMB as a small TV set with a 'Z' in it, is free to all PS3 owners who choose to install the application. However, revenue appears to be generated from ad placement within the browser window.
While in the Vidzone, you can search for artists, by track, genre or album and you can save playlists. The menu is a simple up/down scroll through letters, rather than the pop-up menu generally used.
That's not all - the service also allows you to set up playlists on your PSP while you're on the go, so they're cued up when you get home to your PS3 console.
Region-specific content is also on the way, and Sony hopes to have 10,000 videos on the service in the near future.
Let's hope Europe doesn't get forgotten on this, like we normally are with other new services.

MAGS beta on the way

MUCH-anticipated MMO shooter MAGS is getting closer to release - and a lucky few of us(!) will hopefully get the chance to try it out before the rest.
It has been officially announced that a beta of the game is to be released in the not-too-distant future, allowing the lucky chosen few to have first look at the game, which will allow up to 256 people to play together online.
If this works as everyone hopes it will, it could be the biggest game to hit the PS3 so far - and would undoubtedly boost hardware sales.
So, fingers crossed - and let's hope a beta key wings its way this way!