Tuesday, 8 September 2009

PS3 sales go through the roof

GREAT News for PS3 sales - they are rocketing!

I picked this bit of news from Playstation ThEvolution website, which will be great for everyone who wants to see the PS3 finally catch up the Xbox 36o and Wii:

"According to Gameindustry.biz, since the release of the PS3 Slim, sales have skyrocketed to over 1000%, no we did not make a mistake and add an extra zero, you read that correctly.

Not only has Sony been moving PS3’s at a frantic pace, PS3 software sales have also experienced a boost. Software sales have increased by 17 per cent and this is evident with the recent release of BATMAN: Arkham Asylum which shows the PS3 versions edging out it Xbox 360 counterpart in total units sold.

Despite the recent Xbox 360 price drop of the Elite model which has experienced sales to increase by 43%, Sony’s PS3 has still managed to outsell the Xbox 360 and also Nintendo’s Wii and DS units by approximately 3:1.

“I think what I’ve heard anecdotally is that this is the point people were waiting for - a redesigned model and, in Euros, a significant price reduction,” said Andrew House, president of Sony Computer Entertainment Europe. “That’s people’s cue to jump into the business.”

These current sales numbers bold well for Sony going into the holiday months. With the upcoming release of exclusive titles in the form of UNCHARTED 2: Among Thieves, DEMONS SOUL’S, GRAN TURISMO 5 and the re-release of GOD OF WAR 1 & 2 on Blu-ray for the PS3, not to mention the highly anticipated multiplatform shooter MODERN WARFARE 2, the holiday are looking very exciting on the PS3 front."


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r4 said...

Best investment I've made this year. PS3 sales was the best investment I ever made. It fits our needs perfectly.