Sunday, 11 October 2009

Flashing yellow light of death!

AS A former Xbox 360 owner, who finally gave up the ghost with the console after suffering 4 red rings of death, I turned to the PS3 as my salvation.
But now I have suffered the Sony equivalent - the yellow flashing light of death.
My 60gb console just stopped working, I repeatedly tried to start it up, to no avail, but luckily I was covered by warranty and have now said goodbye to my 60gb model - along with 4 usb ports, ps2 compatibility and card reader - and had it replaced with a slimline 250gb model, which is quieter, less obtrusive and still quite stylish.
But as this could happen to anyone, here are a couple of tips to follow in case the worst happens:
* Regularly back up your saved game files - if your console goes wrong, chances are you won't be able to boot it back up, along with all your saved games
* Take your discs out - again, if it won't start, you're disc will be stuck inside and if it is under warranty, it may still takes weeks for the game to be recovered and returned
* Change your password - if it is repaired or not, when you get a replacement console, it is best for security's sake just to change your password on your account, so there is no concern over the login details being copied.

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